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Nikitaras at Asea

There's a well known story about the hero of the Greek revolution Nikitaras at Asea. This is how Theodoros Kolokotronis and Michael Economou describe it.
It was the 30th of March 1821, just after the Greek revolution had started and by the time the Greek revolutionary troops had Tripolis under siege. By that time the villages around Asea had the name Vroustohoria "villages if the mud" because in there were lake and dump areas around. That's why at the older times the area is reffered as "Sapolivado" or "Valley of Sapiko". In that area there were many hania(old motels) for example the Fragkovryso, Kavourinos, Pollalis, Magklaras, Talaganis, Karamanos etc. The road from Megalopolis to Tripolis passed from about the same places as today. Near Fraggkovryso there were 2 hania. Frogkovryso's and Kavourino's. In front of those hania older people say that there were big ancient marbles that were used from horsemen to help them climb on their horses.As it is said, 17 Turks accompanied a herd of ships (5,000 - 6,000) from Karytaina to Tripolis to give food to the Turks who were in the city. Nikitaras was alone at Fragkovryso (Kato Asea) when he learnt it. He stood there and started to shoot at them. 5-6 Turks were killed from the shots and the rest ran away. Then he took as many ships he could manage to drive and took them to the Greek camp. That event grew very much his fame in the area...